David Curtis Mutter has won the hearts of his audiences since his first piano recital at age seven throughout his 30-year career as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ premier Piano Bar Entertainer. With his astonishingly versatile memorized repertoire and rare ability to instantaneously transpose into every key while accompanying international vocalists and musicians of all ages, David’s unique spontaneous topical humor is at the loving heart of his every innovative quip, notion, and stellar musical phrasings.
Heralded as “The Robin Williams of the Piano” for his extemporaneous quick-wit and physical comedy, also as “The Incarnation of Victor Borge,for his classic elegance, prodigious piano antics, and funny facial expressions. David is one of the most revered Piano-Vocal Entertainers on both land and sea. Harboring a mastery of pure Mûgical improvisation and hilarious audience interactions—all In the Spûrm-of-the-Moment—even David, himself, seldom knowing what he is going to say or do from one breath to the next!
David has entertained more than 60 countries on virtually every continent. Native of Miami, Florida, he has also lived for extended periods of time all over Europe, Australia, and South Africa. A true ambassador of love, sharing smiles with everyone he encounters, David's passions also include performance coaching, writing, musical composition, audio engineering, philosophy, photography, videography, animals, graphic design, landscaping, scuba diving, sailing, motoring, climbing, camping, culinary arts, table tennis, frisbee and chess.

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